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THE CRACK Black is Back  is a new show concept which comes from something that we all have in our imaginary: the music. And live.

The show’s DNA is the versatile live band, playing without playbacks or any tricks.

This authentic and avant-garde show is thought to be a dinner show, much like the traditional cabaret shows. However it is different from a cabaret show as it presents an historical journey through all black music styles, represented in both singing and dancing.

The crown of each show will be the special guests, selected among a variety of talents.

The Crack  brings back the Black Music and the atmosphere of  unconditional dance and joy that is part of it.


  • Andrey Ramos (producer and executive director)
  •  Fidel Buika (choreographer)
  • Singer
  • Bass
  • Keyboard
  • Drums
  • 4 dancers
  • 2 special guests