On Friday June 2nd FC. Barcelona held an event to express its gratitude towards Hospitality sponsorship and clients. Around 300 guests attended, including the President of F.C.Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu.
Some of the guests participated in a football tournament which was animated by a very energetic mediterranean “Batucada”. The drums motivated the players with dynamic choreographies and also played along Barça’s anthem, creating a grand entrance for each team.
Meanwhile, the other guests enjoyed a cocktail hosted by a very special fellow: an interactive robot that greeted and talked with all the invitees in real time, while moving between the crowd.
The beautiful Djs Heels to kill were in charge of the music.
Once the tournament was over, the players joined the cocktail and everybody watched with great surprise the most exciting moment of the night: a ballerina appeared from behind the benches, flying on an arch sustained by 50 giant blue and red balloons. The ballerina spread charm all over the stadium with her astonishing acrobatics on air, involved in an amazing game of lights and music. It was a delightful scene full of impact and fantasy. Slowly the balloons brought her closer to the stage until she was able to handle a microphone to the President, for his speech. The performance ended in the middle of the field with a big applause and all the balloons going up the sky.
After the President’s speech everyone went up to the gastronomic restaurant Sala Roma, where dinner was served with the musical show The Crack. The Crack tells the story of black music with a live band and its amazing dancers. It includes classics by Aretha Franklin or James Brown as well as more contemporary songs by Amy Winehouse and Rihanna. And, of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without a thrilling tribute performance to Michael Jackson!
The party went on with Dj Edu Natored, giving a grand finale to this great event with the entertainment produced by Avangart Entertainment for Newa.