On Thursday April 7th, Auto Beltran presented the new Mercedes E-Class at the Hilton Hotel Diagonal mar in Barcelona.

Famous faces from TV and sports attended to the event, as well as many personalities from the Catalan society.

The guests were welcome to an idyllic scenario at the hotel’s terrace overlooking the beach.  The space was decorated for the occasion with special lights and effects which set up the party mood to the sound of the DJ.

The event had it all and the expectation kept growing as only the new Mercedes was missing.

The car from “out of space” showed up flying and landed on a spectacular mise en scene, never before seen in this city.

The show started with an acrobat rising up through the air along the hotel building and had the perfect grand finale with an astonishing fly board performance: a mix between LED technology and acrobatic stunts, accompanied by a live saxophonist playing on top of the fly board.

The show was produced by Avangart Entertainment and left the public completely speechless for its originality and exuberant execution.  It was epic, just like the car.