2015-01-21 PROVOCATEUR @ CDLC-37

Provocateur had a glamorous and sensual première on January 21st at CDLC Barcelona in front of 250 people.

Carpe Diem dressed up for the occasion, creating an elegant and mysterious atmosphere while the show spiced up the dinners with exotic surprises.

The audience came with an open mind, ready to play, as they knew what they were about to see wasn’t the usual cabaret show, but something new and risqué.

The expectations were not let down as each number amazed the crowd with extravagant costumes and talented performances from dance to live music, flamenco and even a live sex comic scene performed with shades.

Our international artist Miss Banburry Cross set the stage on fire dropping class and seduction on a full striptease.

The “horse-women” led the grand finale making the audience stand up and dance to the sound of Dj Edu Natored house beats. And so the party went on!

Overall, Provocateur is a risky bet that proved to be a success and will be at CDLC every Thursday until April 28th.

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Creative Director and Producer: Andrey Ramos

Co-producer: Erika Fichera

Choreography: Fidel Buika

Music Production: Tito Bonacera

Singer: Natalie Von Whisper

Piano: Lore Lovelace

Burlesque: Lady Bon Bon

Dancers: The Temptations

Guest artist: Miss Banburry Cross